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What We Do

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Data Center DECOMMISSIONING & selective demolition

Our data center decommissioning service offers nationwide dismantling, removal, and recycling of data center materials. We will perform:

  • Site inspection to determine the best course of action to safely remove equipment

  • Review all data center equipment documentation and specifications

  • Decommission and removal of materials including all transformers, cooling towers, electrical wire, conduits, raised flooring, ect.

  • Disposal of hazardous waste/materials

  • Completion of decommission services including clean-up and relocation of materials

Emissions Upgrade solutions

We realize that emissions issues and the constant evolution of regulatory laws can present challenges for our clients. In our efforts to provide a wide range of personalized solutions, we decided it was in our clients’ best interest if we offered emission reduction technologies. It doesn’t always make sense replace old equipment when it can simply be upgraded in order to comply with emissions regulations. Stationary Catalyst Technology poses a cost effective solution and an immediate emission reduction for non-compliant equipment.

To learn more reach out to one of our team members or submit an inquiry here.

Asset Liquidation

We understand that you invest significant amounts of capital to acquire the assets required to operate your business. Liquidating your company’s assets is critical to your bottom line. The best way to maximize your return on investment is to sell your old equipment when you no longer need it.


When equipment comes to the end of its’ service life it can still serve a purpose. Internal components of old equipment can often be recycled in an environmental and sustainable manner which is of paramount importance to our team at Critical Asset Recovery. Let us do our part to keep materials out of the landfill and minimize any harmful environmental impacts by recycling as much raw material as possible.

Used Diesel & Natural Gas Generators

When it’s time to retire or replace your diesel or natural gas generator for a new or refurbished one, give us a call! We buy and sell commercial and industrial generators. Our team consists of skilled personnel that is capable of entire deinstallation process and we are happy to come to your facility to breakdown, purchase, recycle and/or resell your generator(s).

Click here to view generator inventory.

Buying and Selling Facility equipment

We buy and sell refurbished, used and surplus equipment. Give us a call or send us a message via the “Contact” tab if you have equipment to sell or visit the “Inventory” tab to see what we have in stock.

We buy and sell equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Generators

  • Batteries

  • Chillers, Cooling Towers

  • UPS units

  • PDUs

  • Cooling equipment

  • Boilers

  • Electric Motors

  • Switch gear

  • Fire suppression

  • Liebert ACs

  • Transformers

  • Mission critical back up power equipment

  • Raised computer flooring

  • Conveyor systems

  • Scrap metals

Complete demolition

Our goal to provide high quality turn-key solutions doesn’t stop at the selective demolition of data centers. We also offer complete demolition of the following facility types:

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Power Plants

  • Substations